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Your Outsourcing Partner for Protein Research and Production Services

 Exon BioSystems is a protein contract research and production services company specializing in recombinant protein expression, protein purification, and protein characterization.

Additional areas of expertise include assay development of G-protein coupled receptor, recombinant vaccine development and recombinant antibody production.

At the post-genomic era, the enormous demand of recombinant proteins for high throughput screen, function research and the time-consuming and laborious production of functional proteins made recombinant protein a bottleneck. By developing new techniques in protein expression and purification, Exon BioSystems provide solutions to break the bottle neck for you.

Molecular Biology Services

If you want to make a recombinant protein without a right gene in hands, Exon BioSystems provides services to generate the gene for you. With multiple conventional molecular techniques, such as gene cloning from cDNA libraries, gene synthesis from synthesized oligos, we can generate any gene you want.

If your research needs some modifications of a gene, such as truncation, deletion, insertion, point mutation, domain swapping or gene fusion, Exon BioSystems provides the expertise such as Site-directed Mutagenesis and conventional molecular techniques to help you reach your goal.

Recombinant Protein Expression

Using multiple expression systems, including bacterial, insect and mammalian expression systems, ExonBio has the capability to produce “hard to express proteins”, such as membrane proteins, at milligram level. Whether you’re focused on lead discovery, assay development, vaccine production, high throughput screening, or characterization of interesting gene products, We can find a solution for you.

Protein Purification

No matter recombinant proteins were used in assay development, formulation, high throughput screen or protein characterization, one critical aspect is that expected functional activity must be associated with a targeted protein and a formulation must be devoid of any contaminants including endotoxin and virus etc. It is imperative, therefore, that therapeutic proteins, recombinant vaccines and diagnostic proteins be purified to highest level possible.

Combining our skills developed over the past ten years in protein biochemistry, and partnering with ProteinX lab, we delivers efficient and cost effective solutions in protein purification.

Protein Characterization

To meet the needs of our clients, Exon provides protein characterization of our expressed protein to insure the quality of recombinant protein. Routinely SDS-PAGE and western blot will be carried out to acess the purity of the expressed protein. N-terminal sequencing and Mass-spectrum are available if clients request such services. As part of the protein characterization, Exon provides functional assay to recombinant proteins.





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